2018 Official USPS Professional Certification at the NPF. Check back soon for the 2019 update.


National Center for Employee DevelopmentThe 2018 NPF offers professional certification from the USPS that furthers your education, builds confidence and increases your professional credibility!  Take advantage of this unique and extraordinary opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals in the largest shipping and mailing industry event and gain professional certification from the USPS. 


Choose the training program that’s right for you and earn the professional designation you deserve!  

NPF Web Icons GreenCap 89x89Certified Direct Mail Professional (CDMP)


Direct mail is the cornerstone of any marketing strategy. The CDMP course focuses on how to market to your customers and future customers using an omni-channel strategy by leveraging direct mail to its maximum potential. 

CDMP has been updated for the 2018 NPF! We have included a new section on Timing, Frequency, Testing, Database Management as well as many other relevant topics. 
Successful participants will be able to identify and utilize various tools in several key
operational areas:

  • Omni-Marketing Mailing
  • List and Database Management
  • Mailpiece Creation
  • Response Rates
  • Technology
  • Testing
  • Media Attribution

This limited-enrollment course is sponsored by the USPS and was developed by a committee of USPS and mailing industry experts. USPS certification will be achieved upon $160 fee payment and successful completion of the exam.

NPF Web Icon YelCap 89x89Executive Mail Center Manager (EMCM)


The EMCM course is designed for individuals who wish to emphasize their professionalism in Mail Center Management. The course teaches skills needed to manage more effectively, boost productivity and cut costs.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will identify and utilize various tools in key operational areas including:

  • People Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations
  • Mail Center Finances
  • Safety and Security
  • Planning and Managing Technology
  • Tools and Resources
  • Quality Management


To earn official certification, participants are required to complete all 14 planned sessions and pass a comprehensive exam at the completion of the course. Limited space is available. Pre-registration is required to reserve your space.  A $180 final exam fee applies.

NPF Web Icon OrgCap 89x89pngMailpiece Design Professional (MDP)


The MDP course is centered around mail design compatibility and optimizing postage costs through automation. Course participants will learn how to properly design various types of mail, enhance compatibility with USPS automation equipment, increase deliverability of mail and how to increase market value and maximizing cost effectiveness.

This eight-hour course will be held over Tuesday and Wednesday and includes a comprehensive final review. The USPS MDP certification is a two-year certification that offers a professional designation to all graduates.

Topics include:

  • Classes of Mail
  • Processing Categories
  • Barcode Formats
  • Designing Automated Mail

Limited space is available. Pre-registration is required to reserve your space.  A $95 MDP final exam fee applies.

NPF Web Icon BlueCap 89x89US Postal Service Professional Training Certificate


NPF Workshop Training CertificateEarn a US Postal Service Professional Training Certificate for participating in 2018 NPF workshops.

Based on the number of workshops you attend:


Bronze Seal

- Bronze - 8 workshops


Silver Seal- Silver - 11 workshops


Gold Seal- Gold - 14 workshops


Platinum Seal- Platinum - 17 workshops


A Platinum Certificate is personally signed by the Postmaster General.


Certificate applications will be verified against our workshop attendance data gathered by scanning your attendee badge upon entrance to the sessions.


If you would like to submit an application for your USPS Professional Certificate, please use the Workshop Training Certification Application Form.